On Aged Care Employee Day today, we celebrate and give thanks to the dedicated Carinity staff doing fabulous work supporting our seniors on a daily basis.

For Esther Arulogun and Jenny Boettcher, who between them have 62 years experience in the aged care industry, working with seniors has been inspired by personal experience.

Esther, a Registered Nurse, has worked for Carinity aged care for 35 years.

“When I was younger, I was always a sick child and I was sent to hospital a couple of times, so I wanted to become a nurse to look after sick people,” Esther says.

“I feel it is most meaningful to help the elderly people. When I see sick elderly people recover and they feel better they will say, ‘Thank you so much’, and it feels really good.”

Jenny, an Assistant in Nursing who cares for residents living with dementia, has been supporting older Queenslanders for 27 years.

“I have personal experience with my father having had dementia and I have a particular love for people with dementia,” Jenny says.

“I look after people how I would like to be treated myself. To make somebody smile and bring joy to their day, that’s my goal when I come to work.”

Esther and Jenny are two of around 1,100 dedicated Carinity employees who care for seniors living in 11 residential aged care communities from Townsville to the Gold Coast.

Esther Arulogun is a Carinity aged care registered nurse.
Esther Arulogun is a Carinity aged care registered nurse.

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