International Nurses Day is held each year on May 12, and Carinity is paying tribute to the nurses working in our aged care communities including Fairfield Grange.

“Witnessing the profound impact the compassionate care provided by nurses had on my grandmother during her illness ignited a strong desire within me to be part of their ranks,” said Mylene, a Registered Nurse.

Being a nurse has brought Mylene “unparalleled fulfillment” and provided her with “the chance to make a positive impact on the world around me”.

“What resonates deeply with me about my profession is the continuous learning it offers, where every day unfolds with fresh challenges and experiences,” Mylene said.

“The satisfaction of working with seniors stems from the meaningful bonds and relationships that naturally develop and deepen over time.

“Seniors possess a wealth of wisdom and life experience that I find immensely enriching to tap into, to learn from them and gain valuable insights into life.”

A grandmother’s illness also inspired Yessica to pursue nursing.

“I really enjoy helping the residents and putting a smile on their faces makes me happy,” Yessica said.

“Working with the elderly its completely different from nursing in a hospital. We spend more time getting to know the resident and implement strategies to make their life comfortable while they are in our home.

“Working in aged care is all about compassion and caring. It is very rewarding knowing that we make a difference in a resident’s life every day.”

Executive Manager of Carinity Residential Aged Care, Kane Singh, thanked Carinity’s nurses for their “exceptional service, unwavering dedication and compassionate care”.

“Nursing is not just a profession; it’s a calling, a commitment to serving others with kindness, empathy, and expertise,” Kane said.

“I express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of our nurses for their unwavering dedication, compassion, and resilience in providing exceptional care to our residents on a daily basis.

“Their professionalism and compassion embody the very essence of nursing, and we are truly fortunate to have such an exceptional team.”

Mylene Mayo has served as a urse in the Philippines and Australia, and now supports seniors living at Carinity Fairfield Grange in Townsville

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