Peace of mind knowing you can eat well and help local farmers for around the same price as the big supermarkets.


Buying local means you can eat fresh and get the best produce with the peace of mind of knowing the origin of your produce, says Luke Miles the owner of The Precinct Fresh Market.

Luke is passionate about his vision to supply uniquely local and independent fresh produce as well as a range of healthy products including fresh juices, smoothies and select organic and paleo staples.

“When you deal directly with local farmers you are supporting local people and you can ensure you get the best produce picked at the premium time for eating,” Luke says.

“We buy direct from the farm so we cut out the middleman which keeps the prices down and gives the best produce to the consumer. That’s because fruit and vegetables are not being picked for transport but for consuming. By reducing food miles the produce is fresher, tastier and less expensive.

“For example, my organic farm eggs are picked on a Thursday and ready for my customers on a Friday.”

Right now Luke, who employs his mum and dad in the business, says pineapples and pawpaws are at their best.

“People are often surprised to learn that nine out of 10 times my produce is cheaper than the supermarkets and because we buy directly from the farm to the store we are consistently delivering better food.”

At Fairfield Grange, Luke’s store The Precinct Fresh Market is only a few minutes walk from your door. Visit Luke and his family today, open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.00pm and on weekends until 4.00pm.

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